Jessa Carter

Jessa excels at redefining and reinventing your self and your life on your terms. Her passion for contribution, wealth expansion, and helping you blaze your best life path while feeling extraordinary along the way is bar none.

That is because she knows what it is like to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and discouraged — and to be left searching for more.

From humble beginnings to an impressive career in neurosurgery, Jessa achieved the outward societal driven perception of success: a prestigious job, a luxury car, a lovely home... the seemingly "perfect" life.

However, what started as an exciting career and a rewarding outlet for her passion for helping people become an easy place to hide the exceeding levels of stress and disappointment she felt, and the pain of her true love's death.

Following the instinct that she was meant for more led Jessa to a path of profound self-mastery and levels of peace, passion, and fulfillment beyond comprehension. From that place, she knew she must share those gifts with the world by empowering others to unlock the universe of infinite possibilities within them and ascend to their highest expression of self.

Jessa has a strong but grounding presence and infectious energy that puts her clients at ease, which makes navigating the expanse of these uncharted waters feel effortless and fun. She is your unwavering constant, your cheerleader, and your advocate for feeling exceptional while co-creating a life and legacy beyond your wildest dreams.

That which you seek is seeking you.

It is my honor to join arms with you as

your guide on this enriching path of personal,

professional, and spiritual evolution.



As an alpha leader — as a strong, powerful individual — you were taught, encouraged, and even praised for soldiering on. For embracing the facade of “Never let 'em see you down; never let 'em see you cry” and accepting it as truth. You were programmed to believe that vulnerability is a weakness. That it is okay not to need anyone and that you are supposed to do it all alone.

In today's culture, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety are the norm.

You were taught that disease, weight gain, and slowing down as you age are ‘natural’ and to settle for the pill for every ill. You were influenced to believe that you have to sacrifice yourself and your well-being for success and that you must also sacrifice your health or a stellar romantic partnership to maintain that success.


You have the biggest dreams, the biggest heart, the most beautiful soul, and the most profound ability to change the world we inhabit for the better.

You are that leader. I am that leader. WE are these leaders.

And for anyone who is with me, I say,


Stress is not the norm. Overwhelm is not the norm. Illness is not the norm. How you feel matters. How you live matters. And mediocrity is not an option. You are a magnificent BEing, a magnificent leader, and you are meant to live with health and vitality in your body, peace and possibility in your mind, and passion and joy in your spirit.

I lead a revolution of Self Mastery and Life Mastery; a revolution of Choice, Love, Light, Connection, Vulnerability, and Limitlessness.

Life is a gift. Time spent cannot be replaced. Everyone deserves to experience their life to the fullest and to feel exceptional on their journey.

My work is Real. Raw. Deep. Powerful. And Designed to help you Achieve Unprecedented Heights.

I empower fellow leaders and alphas and guide them on their journeys to freedom. To balance. To the realm of the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and supreme wellness and bliss. Your next-level self is available to you. The next level of your business is available to you. Health and vitality are available to you. Extraordinary relationships — personally, professionally, and

romantically — are available to you.

A world of infinite possibility is available to you.

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777 Brickell Ave #500-9722

Miami, FL 33131

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(352) 267-1214